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Dato: tirsdag, 12. juni 12:00 - 23:00
Oslo Opera House
Innovation, Funding and Art - Combined
CHINA TRACK - et spennende program du ikke må gå glipp av.
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International Chamber of Commerce and Fidem Capital Partners 

at Seed Forum in the Oslo Opera House at the 12th of June 2018

from 09:00 – 11:30

proudly presents;


# 1. The New Silk Road or One Belt – One Road

How to make China and OBOR a part of your Growth Strategy 

Qianhai/Shenzhen is the Cornerstone of Xi Jinping´s prestigious One Belt – One Road iniative - and is seen as one of the most important Growth drivers, and collaborative platforms for international business in modern times. How can European companies benefit from this unique initative?

Managing Director William Sun in Hong Kong based Fidem Capital Partners ( is an Oxford Graduate living in London, and working all across Europe to bridge business opportunites between Europe and China, and brings an invite for Tech Start-ups and Scale-ups as well as Large Corporations to take part.

# 2. The world´s first closed system for washing and de-icing airplanes - now approaching the large Chinese market directly 

Rene Høgsted is the Chairman Grenland-based MSG Productions ( He will share with us the unique concept that is now about to take-off, and now potentially also with large Chinese partners onboard.

Come listen to a highly motivating story, that both is solving a huge problem, and contributing significantly to the environment!

# 3. How to make Chinese Cultural Understanding a Competitive Edge? 

Managing Director Pål Bråthen ( has more than 20 years of experience from working with Asian cultures. He was until recently Head of Innovation Norway in Beijing, and will share his Key Takeaways from Understanding Chinese Culture, and how to make Cultural Understanding your competitive advantage.

# 4. Effective remediation of Soil and Ground Water from Organic Waste – now also with Chinese large scale Market Access – EkoHarden Technologies Oy 

Mr Erkki Lindberg is the Founder and Chairman of the uniquely positioned Finnish EkoHarden Technologies Oy ( He will give us a brief introduction to the amazing technology, and how they are cleaning up Organic Waste predominantly Oil Spill in different regions of the world. EkoHarden Technologies Oy have also closed their first large market access agreements for the trillon dollar Chinese remediation market.

# 5. Working in the Chinese Business Climate – Key reflections from Norway's most successful Law Firm in China – Wikborg Rein 

Partner Tormod Ludvik Nilsen, Wikborg Rein (, was responsible for the firm's China operations from 2013-2016 and will share some most valuable experiences from his years in Shanghai. Wikborg Rein started out to serve Nordic customers in China, but has over the years also developed a significant Chinese domestic business. How did they succeed and what will be the success factors going forward? Tormod will share his experiences and reflections with us on operating in China.

# 6. Access to China – Supporting High Growth Initatives into the Chinese Market 

Partner and Chairman of Fidem Capital Partners AS, Mr Espen Øksby (, has a long standing and unique expertise in making business happen in China. Fidem has a long-running and unique Governmental/SOE and Institutional Investor Relationships in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and holds the key to open access to relevant high level decision makers - He will share some most insightful stories with us on how to succeed

# 7. Building Competitive Growth Platforms for the Chinese Marketplace 

Managing Partner, Helge Krane from Edge Innovation Group ( will share some valuable experiences from working closely with the Chinese market over the last 10 years in different Strategy projects, and how to build effective Growth Platforms (, based on unique local market insight.

# 8. How to implement a successful Growth Mindset in Asian and Chinese Corporations? 

CEO Marc Siles, in INNEOX Liberator (, has over the last years been working extensively with Individual and Team Development, and in particular in the Asian Region. He will share his success stories on how to effectively build a collective Growth Mindset in Asian organizations – as a cornerstone for accellerating growth.

# 9. Building Smart City Innovation and Ecosystems - integrating Smart City technologies future development 

Business Development Director from Siemens, Mr Tor D. Krog ( is one of our regions leading capacities on Smart City Infrastructure, and also working against the Chinese Market through different very exciting initiatives.

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Seed Forum Global invites private investors, venture funds, investment companies and family offices to the Oslo Opera House.

This is an exiting opportunity to meet entrepreneurs building innovative and globally aspiring growth companies. There will be 111 pitches and an opportunity to meet with the companies in a separate meeting area. Seed Forum will provide a mathc making app, where you will be able to pre-screen companies and book meetings.

Each of the presenting companies will take part in a rigorous pitch training and selection process facilitated by Seed Forum experts.

A number of high level speakers from many countries will make this an unforgettable day.

Joind Seed Forum's 15 years anniversary celebration until midnight with a number of awards and informal networking. 

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Oslo Opera House, 12th June 2018